La Parrilla Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu Featuring a Delicious Selection of Breakfast Delights
From Omelets, Breakfast Burritos, Chilaquiles to Steak & Eggs or Huevos Rancheros & More!

Served daily from 9am to llam


California Omelet

Bacon, cheese, salsa & sliced avocado

Yucatan Omelet

Roasted poblano peppers, onions,
diced ham & avocado

Farmers Omelet

Spinach, red onions, tomatoes,
mushrooms,topped with green salsa,
queso fresco & sliced avocado

Asada Omelet

Carna asada, onion, tomatoes
cilantro & jalapeno, served with sliced avocado
& habanero sauce on the side

Steak & Eggs

Tender skirt steak grilled to perfection
served with 2 eggs, rice & beans


Three buttermilk pancakes served
with strawberries or bananas

Breakfast Burrito

Potatoes, bean, rice, pico de gallo
choice of one meat
(ham, bacon, sausage or chorizo)
Enchilada style on your request

Enchilada & Eggs

Two shredded beef enchiladas topped with two over-easy eggs, rice & beans


Crispy corn tortillas in red or green salsa, served with
queso fresco, onions, cilantro, beans
& two eggs on the side

Huevos Rancheros

Warm tortillas under two over medium eggs
topped with ranchero sauce, served with rice & beans

Huevos con Chorizo

Scrambled eggs with chorizo, served with rice & beans

French Toast

Homemade French Toast served
with powder sugar, strawberries & syrup

  Side Orders  

Rice or Beans $3.00

Corn or Flour Tortillas $1.50

Guacamole $3.50

Sour Cream $1.75

French Fries $4.00

*Two Eggs $2.00

*Bacon Strips $3.00

*Sausage Links $3.00

*Hashbrowns $2.00

*Served between 9am-11am only

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